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Offensive Tanz


"Duet with a garden chair"

The performance "DINGE DINGEN", text by Mika Kühn

Translated with (free version).

Our dance ambassador Mika watched the performance "DINGE DINGE" as part of the PURPLE dance festival and wrote us a report about her experience.

If you want to find out more about the piece, check out the website of Augenblick Mal! 2023 website. It will be shown there again in April.

If you would like to become a dance ambassador yourself, find out about our call for applications here.


My report must begin in the foyer. Clusters of young people were everywhere, accompanied by a few isolated so-called adults who stood out in height. For me, the spectacle of things began right here, with rounds of rock-paper-scissors, excitement that showed all over my body, lively conversations and bright patterns and colors on my jacket and tights. I absolutely loved being surrounded by more than just "adults" bursting with seriousness before a dance performance.

As soon as everyone was seated, we got straight down to it, or rather, got on with it. In "Dinge Dinge", two people - one all in yellow with flip-flops and one in blue and glitter - savored every possibility of the things they shared the stage with. These included a watering can, a clothes horse, rubber gloves, a sponge, a grandpa's trolly, a feather duster, a comb, several funnels, in different sizes of course, and so much more.

The carousel of things began very concretely with the presentation of the things themselves through the depiction of them with the help of one's own body and only then did the real physical thing follow with its presence on stage. I deliberately keep referring explicitly to "things" because the two dancers in the piece did the same. They were all things that danced. With each other, sometimes had a solo performance, or served to merge.

Julia Keren Turbahn in DINGE DINGEN, © Philipp Weinrich und Nada Žgank

Blue + glitter could be seen in a duet with a garden chair, with the thing above her, next to her and also below her. Above all, however, they could be seen together. And the chair was no longer just a chair and Blue+Glitter was no longer just a person - a metamorphosis, so to speak.

Gelb+Badelatschen then had the same turn with the chair in "dingst du auch so wie ich?!", whereby an interpersonal and between human and thing dimension was opened up. However, as Yellow+Badelatschen didn't fit into every hole in the chair like Blue+Glitter, the audience naturally made themselves heard with a few giggles. And even when the two dancing party dancers danced with things, a few arms and hips moved in the audience.

However, the real art of Jan Rozman and Julia Keren Turbahn's piece (concept, choreography, performance) clearly lay in the fact that the audience of all ages enjoyed it, as became clear afterwards when exchanging impressions in the foyer. And as a young adult, I didn't have the feeling of "adults doing something for children", whereby the children and their intellect were completely underestimated.

It was more of a carousel ride of blue+glitter and yellow+badger through the world of things. A research on dance and with little brainpower, which made it so accessible for everyone and a real pleasure to take part in.