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Over the past months, rehearsals continued under the current precautionary and hygiene requirements and work continued on the program for the fall, which is now online. In the blog and on the social media channels, we are also making as much digital material as possible available in order to continue to provide insights into our work - with videos from rehearsals, trailers of pieces, accompanying articles and interviews and Behind The Scenes statements by the protagonists of Offensive Tanz.

Since project kick-off at the beginning of the year, we have also been conducting continuous online visitor surveys. One questionnaire is aimed specifically at our young audience, another at teachers, educators and parents. The results motivate us to continue working on our mission and to bring dance as an art form more into the focus of cultural education: 74 percent of the teachers surveyed would like to see professional dance performances held in their institution from time to time. And a full 90 percent of parents consider artistic and cultural education to be very important for children and young people.


© fragil, Foto Sebastian Runge

Dance Piece


Clébio Oliveira

Fri, 23.10.2020

Kollwitzstraße 53, 10405 Berlin, 10405 Berlin


© Theater o.N., Foto: Lindsay Appolis


Race - Class - Gender. Intersectional Perspectives in Dance and Theater for the Youngest

Theater o.N. and Offensive Tanz

Fri, 23.10.2020

Different venues & online (see full schedule below)


CAN TOUCH THIS [Einige Von Uns]


Sun, 25.10.2020

Innenhof Alte Münze

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